Bella Simone


Think function over fashion?

Why choose ... 

Give them both!

Bella Simone designs beautifully crafted shoes and booties for babies and infants in our New York City workshop.

Our products are made from the finest leathers, with soft soles to promote healthy development of your babe's feet.

Our styles are typically not "seasonal" and depending on if the materials are still available from our suppliers, will be permanently available. Our collections are combined with a traditional yet modern aesthetic and mimic adult shoes but provide a fit suitable for infants.

With a careful combination of soft, calm colors to the contemporary spin of colorful metallics and pony hair, we are constantly thinking of new ways to integrate fashion and function into our products at the same time don't heavily emphasize "BABY" patterns and motifs.

Our shoes are also wonderful gifting pieces that go for all special occasions. 



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